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Miracle Lips

Both Miracle Lips Salve & Miracle Lips Serum contains the same ingredients but comes in different packaging and delivery system., as one is a serum based concentrate while the other is more like a thick lotion.

One of my favorite lip balms, and works better than most i’ve used! Also, great on cold sores!


For over 3 years, RapidLash has set the standard for effective eyelash and eyebrow enhancement products. Safe, affordable and effective, RapidLash has proven time and time again to be the leader in this category!

ChiQui Beaute -Citrus Happy Facial Mask

Never knew mask can be so fun. I recently found this facial mask product. And I really like it. It helps with dark skin, acne, blackheads, dry skin, oily skin, even aging. Instead of constantly using different kind of products to take care of your skin EVERY single day. Just use the masks once a week. It smooths out your skin, making it fresh and clean.

The Citrus Happy mask helps with dry skin. It hydrates and moisturizes. Great for all skin types. Relaxes the physical and emotional tension in your skin through Citrus Aromatherapy for a stress-free, at home spa session.

The Mud To Go mask comes in two different kinds. Purifying and Lightening. The purifying is my favorite. It get rid of blackheads. You don’t even have to put it all on your face, it could just be on your nose. It works really well. Giving you a fresh feeling afterward. The lightening mask basically get rid of dark spots. Darkness that shouldn’t be there.

You could even order a sample from them just to try it out.


ChiQuí Beauté -Citrus Happy & Mud to Go

Source : A Spa in Your Pocket, 15 Minutes to Refresh Your Skin, Yes, It’s That Easy

A Spa in Your Pocket, 15 Minutes to Refresh Your Skin, Yes, It’s That Easy
Have you seen mud mask in packs? Take them wherever you want!
Mud to Go includes two different types of Spa Mud MasksSpa Glacial Mud Purifying Mask
Purely natural glacial mud can penetrate deeper into pores and absorb all impurities for great skin exfoliation, deep pore cleansing and oil secretion reduction. Rich in minerals, vitamins and other anti-aging essentials helps balance skin pH and improves the texture, elasticity, and hydration in the skin. It also recharges the circulation of the skin and detoxifies the skin with a relaxing spa experience in no time!Youth Restore Lightening Mud Mask
This mud contains plant-derived Alpha-Arbutin which promotes skin lightening by blocking epidermal melanin biosynthesis and minimizes skin depigmentation to an even skin tone in more effective and safer approach than any other lightening agents. Additionally, multi-vitamins and other anti-aging elements help repair skin damages from free radicals, smooth out fine lines and restore collagen. Anti-inflammatory agents such as Cucumber extract and rose extract provides calm and soothing sensation like a spa treat for your skin!